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The best uk Mortgage Broker and no Broker fees

The best UK Mortgage Broker - in our opinion of course! 

No one likes paying fees. So we make a clear commitment - No Broker fees (for mortgages of at least £100k)

Arranging mortgages since 1999. We treat our clients as individuals, with individual needs and requirements. We appreciate how frustrating it is to deal with Banks and other mortgage lenders.

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Mortgages for Self Employed

Mortgages for Sole Trader or self employed in a Partnership or Limited company.  Mortgage lenders can be difficult to deal with. 

There will need to be sufficient income to support your mortgage application but Mortgage lenders differ in how they define income

We can help identify those lenders that will lend in your situation. See Mortgages for self employed for more information

Remortgaging for a better rate

It is a very good idea to review your mortgage periodically. This should include reviewing the mortgage rates currently on offer.

Try our best buy mortgages for a sample of mortgage rates available. 

Get an instant selection of mortgage ideas from the find a mortgage page  

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We do not charge any Broker fees if your mortgage is at least £100k

We are currently enjoying a protracted period of low interest rates. Higher inflation is pushing mortgage interest rates higher. You may take a view that it is a good idea to lock in the fixed interest rates currently on offer. More about remortgaging here

Mortgages for IT Contractors

IT Contractors provide flexible access to important IT skills. IT Contractors could hire out their skills under their own name or under a limited company or the arrangement could involve other intermediaries or Umbrella companies

But the flexibility of short term contracts could be seen as a negative aspect from the position of a Mortgage lender

We can help find those mortgage lenders that will lend to IT contractors

read more about mortgages for IT Contractors

Mortgages with Adverse credit

Adverse credit is going to be a problem with a Mortgage Application. When assessing a mortgage application lenders need to know that you are going to keep up your mortgage payments.

They assess your credit potential by looking at your credit history

Bankruptcy arrears, CCJ's and defaults  will restrict your choice of lender. 

If the adverse credit is recent you may find you cant borrow at all!

Read more about mortgages with adverse credit

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